In 2014, Sinclair completes his Grail Quartet of ‘The SWORD and the GRAIL’,

‘The SECRET SCROLL’, and ‘ROSSLYN’ with the publication of  ‘The TEMPLE MAKERS’ assessing the Military Order of the Knights Templar from their creative works as well as the crusades. Using sacred geometry and music, they helped to design the holy places of medieval Europe.




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Click onto the website to find out about Sinclair’s plans in 2014 to tour Britain and the world for the British Council. He will be showing his acclaimed picture ‘UNDER MILK WOOD’ and speaking at major festivals and locations to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the Welsh bard Dylan Thomas.

There will be available DVDs of this classic film and the biopic ‘DYLAN on DYLAN’, also the illustrated screenplays and the book ‘DOWN UNDER MILK WOOD’ of Burton and Taylor, O’Toole and me. Sinclair is also pioneering on CD and iphone the first Speaking Screenplay from the Under Milk Wood movie featuring the wonderful voice of Richard Burton with a commentary by Sinclair.







The DVD of  ‘THE  BREAKING of BUMBO’, directed by Andrew Sinclair, has also been issued by Virgin Network.

Starring Joanna Lumley and John Bird, the satire deals with a mutinous Guards Officer during the 1968 riots in London.






The Freemasons were the leading lights in the American, the French and the Italian Revolutions. In Britain, they represented the high command of the armies in the Protestant versus Catholic struggles in Northern Ireland and Jacobite Scotland. They also led Napoleon's conquest of  Europe. Often conspirators against the state, they became the pillars of the establishment in the military and the law.  This illuminating book tells the real truth behind Dan Brown's  forthcoming book 'The Solomon Key'.


Geoff Ward of The Western Daily Express interviews
 Andrew Sinclair on his latest Book
 "The Grail: 
The Quest for a Legend" on a Podcast.



On the History Channel on Sky and Cable 


The Story of the Grail 

Directed, Written and Presented

by Andrew Sinclair


THE ROSSLYN TRILOGY questions and answers many of the  problems set by THE DA VINCI CODE.  The three books give the history of the Grail and other truths about the mysterious Scots Chapel, where Tom Hanks stars in the film  of the coded novel by Dan Brown. They also cover the Crusades and the secrets of the Knights Templar and the Masons. They are the tales of the Scots Borders and Rosslyn castle and chapel for seven centuries.






This book describes the voyage of Prince Henry St Clair to the New World with his Zen captain from Venice, one hundred years before Columbus. It also deals with the building of Rosslyn castle and chapel. 

New Edition   Price: £6.99




A treasure map discovered on a medieval scroll in Orkney points to Templar treasures and even the Ark of the Covenant, buried in the vaults of Rosslyn Chapel.

New Edition   Price: £6.99



The final work in this trilogy, ROSSLYN, was published in July 2005. Sinclair provides a history of the family name, stretching from classical times to ruin under the Jacobites, also he shows how the Grail may well have reached Rosslyn. 

Price: £9.99 




The author examines the close connection between the St Clairs and the Knights Templars, and how they passed into the radical Freemasons, so important in the American and French Revolutions. The trilogy is the definitive solution to the mysteries of a legendary place. 


As well as Birlinn, the books may also be ordered from Amazon.




The Grail
The Quest for a Legend
by Andrew Sinclair

In Christian tradition the Grail is anything that has held the body and blood of Christ. Andrew Sinclair’s richly illustrated book digs deep into the legends, from medieval Grail romances and the legends of King Arthur to the adventures of Indiana Jones and the recent researches of Dan Brown’s symbologist, to find the origins of our fascination with the Grail.

Andrew Sinclair is a prolific author and film-maker.

Sutton Publishing
Publishing Date: June 11th, 2007
Hardback, 263 x 194mm, 320pp
60 b&w, 60 colour illustrations

Price: £16.50




VIVA CHE! was the first book to be published on the guerrilla hero in the revolutionary year of 1968. Packed with illustrations and tributes from leading writers and activists of the time, this is an enduring memorial to the legacy of  the icon of his age.

Sutton Publishing
Price: £12-99 


These books may also be ordered from Amazon.


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