“Andrew Sinclair (21 January 1935 – 30 May 2019), a direct descendant of Prince Henry St Clair, is a leading novelist, historian and film-maker and lives in London. He did graduate work at Harvard and Columbia before teaching at Cambridge and London. His books include biographies of Jack London, Warren Harding and Che Guevara. His most recent work is the epic novel, Blood and Kin.”1

“Sir Andrew Sinclair is a Knight Grand Cross in the Scottish Knight Templars. A member of Clan Sinclair and one of the driving forces in the Clan today, he is one of the world’s leading authorities on the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and the Holy Grail of the Sinclairs – Rosslyn Chapel. His books include: The Sword and the Grail, Rosslyn: The Story of Rosslyn Chapel and the True Story Behind the Da Vinci Code.” (https://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/sinclair-andrew-6861/)

Rosslyn: Secrets & History, Monday – January 22 2007

“Mark Pinkham of the Intl. Order of Gnostic Templars joined with Andrew Sinclair to discuss the history and hidden treasures of the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Sinclair, a member of Clan Sinclair, which traces its lineage to the builder of the Chapel in the 15th century, said that Rosslyn served as a monument for three things: the Temple of Solomon, the Grail and the Garden of Eden.

“Sinclair noted that an 18 ft. tall scroll, carbon-dated to the 15th century, contains a ground plan for the Temple of Solomon which also mirrors the design of Rosslyn. It’s fairly certain that buried in the vaults below the Chapel are Templar records and relics, he said. However the Erskine family, the current owners, are not interested in excavating the Chapel at this time, said Pinkham.

“Pinkham believes that the documents buried at Rosslyn would reveal the Gnostic lineage of Jesus’ successors and other suppressed Gnostic concepts, such as being able to experience the divine without an intermediary. The two also spoke about the Shroud of Turin and the possible discovery of America in the 14th century by Earl Henry Sinclair.”

The Sword and the Grail
The Sword and the Grail

This book describes the voyage of Prince Henry St Clair to the New World with his Zen captain from Venice, one hundred years before Columbus. It also deals with the building of Rosslyn castle and chapel.2

The Secret Scroll
The Secret Scroll, 2004, 218pp

This is the story of a how a little known manuscript in a Masonic Lodge in Kirkwall has become one of the most important historical documents of the Middle Ages. It is also the story of the Templars, who were its guardians, and of what happened to them after the Crusades. Although references to this famous order of military knights rarely appears in standard histories of the time, a great deal of information about them can be gleaned from other, more esoteric sources, such as sculpture and architecture. Suppressed by Philip of France out of greed, the Templars were gradually driven underground in more and more European countries. Yet they continued to exist, still guarding the knowledge and relics that they had gathered for the defence of the Holy Land. It is this that connects all this to Henry St Clair, Earl of Orkney and Grand Master of the Knights Templar and discoverer of America. All of these threads come together in one extraordinary scroll still in Kirkwall which revelas in full the secrets of the Knights Templar.

Rosslyn: The Story of Rosslyn Chapel and the True Story of the Da Vinci Code
Rosslyn: The Story of Rosslyn Chapel and the True Story of the Da Vinci Code

The final work in this trilogy, ROSSLYN, was published in July 2005. Sinclair provides a history of the family name, stretching from classical times to ruin under the Jacobites, also he shows how the Grail may well have reached Rosslyn.

Sir Walter Raleigh and the Age of Discovery, 2014
Sir Walter Raleigh and the Age of Discovery, 2014
Francis Bacon: His Life And Violent Times, 1993
Francis Bacon: His Life And Violent Times, 1993, 354pp
A Concise History of the USA, 2013, 192pp
A Concise History of the USA, 2013, 192pp

In A Concise History of the USA Andrew Sinclair begins his exploration of American history with a chapter on The New World and the Colonies, where he outlines the importance of the Pilgrim Fathers. Having taken the reader through the founding events of this nation Sinclair then thrusts us into the American Revolution and declaration of Independence in 1776, sends us on a whistle stop tour of the civil war before propelling us into the twentieth century. This succinct and vivid portrayal of the history of the USA is enhanced by a series of illustrations and images that help bring the history of this country to life, from the assassination of President Lincoln to the Great Depression and on into the new millennium. A Concise History of the USA is a must have for anyone interested in the key events that stitch together America’s colourful history.


Jerusalem: The Endless Crusade: The Struggle for the Holy City from its Foundation to the Modern Era
Jerusalem: The Endless Crusade: The Struggle for the Holy City from its Foundation to the Modern Era, 2015, 295pp

This vibrant chronicle unravels the intertwined politics of Jews, Muslims and Christians over the centuries. Sinclair, historian (The Sword and the Grail), biographer and novelist, maintains that the three major monotheisms all embraced the idea of the elect, the Chosen People of God, which led to their continual conflict, misunderstandings and clashes for control of Jerusalem, which each faith claimed as a holy city. Beginning with King David’s construction of a capital city in Jerusalem around 1000 B.C., through the Crusades down to current tensions between Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, he weaves a stirring narrative encompassing the Knights Templars’ transmission of oriental mysticism and sacred architecture to the West, Masonic rites and practices, the 12th-century Muslim terrorist sect of Assassins, medieval persecution of Jews in Western Europe, and Israel’s wars with Arab states. Sinclair writes with impartiality and rueful historic perspective about a city “always more of a vision than a fact, a dream that could only lead to a sad awakening.” Photos. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text refers to the hardcover edition. (Publishers Weekly)


Andrew Sinclair - THE REIVERS’ TRAIL
Andrew Sinclair – THE REIVERS’ TRAIL
A major new book by Andrew Sinclair and the institution of THE REIVERS’ TRAIL on the ground from the Irish to the North Sea will take place in July 2007 published by Sutton Publishing.3


SINCLAIR Dr Andrew Sinclair FRSL FRSA died peacefully after a short illness, aged 84. A loved and loving husband to Sonia, father to Merlin and Tim and grandfather to Talia and Shira. he will be greatly missed by his whole family . Private cremation.